Marine Box 5
  • Marine Box 5

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This finely handcrafted marine box features a number of the items every ship navigator or enthusiast needs for a complete collection. The box itself is made from real Shisham, a rare hardwood reserved for luxurious nautical items such as these. Place this marine box on any desk, table, or shelf to add an artfully crafted piece of nautical decor to any collection.

Inside the marine box an exciting array of nautical instruments awaits. Two perpendicular bubble levels indicate whether the box is laying on a perfectly flat surface, perfect for any seafaring vessel. Also embedded in the bottom of the box is a functional high quality compass - a must have for any nautical enthusiast. To complete the set, the box also features a magnifying glass and an alidade, critical instruments for navigating any ship.

  • Two-Axis Levels guarantee accurate readings
  • Antiqued Brass provides genuine impression of historical use
  • Built-in Protractor & Ruler aid in mapping calculations
  • Compass Lift-Arm protects needle bearing
  • Fully Functional compass, alidade, and telescopic sight all work